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No Nonsense Approach

Utility Site Search Ltd was set up in 2017 to research and collate various types of utility assets for varied clients and on projects from small building plots to national large scale infrastructure. We have completed well over 10,000+ searches which included; Crossrail / HS2 / National Grid Transmission projects, all of which were completed without delay and without any known issues or utility strikes.

We are not just a click and list service like others, we fully understand the level of detail required and the pressures of meeting deadlines. 

The differences between providers 

We operate a simple – no nonsense approach, we don’t state headline grabbing prices like other providers then later in the ordering process you get hit with “additional search options” hiding the true costs. At Utility Site Search we are totally upfront with our quote costings. The price we quote is always fully comprehensive with no hidden extras, and ordering is simple. Email us your requirements and we will send you a quote in minutes. One cost, fully comprehensive knowing that the deliverables will always be completely accurate and always on time.


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M: 07912 480735